Let me tell you about Quinta

Let me tell you about Quinta


Septuagenarian Queirozito, having won a protracted litigation contesting the claim by relatives to his family home, invites his grandson Suraj from USA to take a look at the old Quinta for possible repairs.

'Houses are like people, you live in them and they look beautiful; you neglect them and they wither and slump.'

When Queirozito wins the protracted litigation against relatives who had laid claim to his 200-year-old ancestral home, Quinta, he gets a new lease of life. He invites his grandson Suraj from the US to take a look at the half-slumping villa for possible repairs. When Suraj's Russian-American wife California arrives instead, Queirozito faces yet another invasion on his beloved home and decides to fight back once again only to stumble upon some bitter, dark family secrets.

In Let Me Tell You about Quinta, Savia Viegas weaves an intricate tale of the small, secluded and fading world of the elite Viegas family which, in many ways, reflects contemporary Goan society. Blurring the lines between real and imaginary, this is a novel rich in human detail and told with elegance and humour.

ISBN-13: 9780143415220
ISBN-10: 0143415220
Language: English
No of Pages: 264

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